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Marine Park Rules

Rules for Cayman Islands Marine Parks

No taking of any marine life alive or dead, except:
  • line fishing from shore is permitted;
  • line fishing at depths of 80 ft or greater is permitted;
  • taking fry and sprat with a fry or cast net is permitted. NOTE: fish traps, spear guns, pole spears and other nets are totally prohibited.
No anchoring - use of fixed moorings only, except:
  • boats of 60 ft or less may anchor in sand, so long as no grappling hook is used, and neither the anchor nor the rope or chain will impact coral;
  • anchoring permitted in designated Port anchorage areas—contact Port Security VHF Channel 16;
  • anchoring prohibitions suspended during emergencies and by permission of Port Director.
Bloody Bay, Little Cayman - Special restrictions have been placed on the use of the Bloody Bay Marine Park, no commercial operations may use the park without a licence from the Marine Conservation Board.
  • East and West End of: Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and Twelve Mile Bank. Coxswain Bank and South West Point Grand Cayman;
  • No fishing for Nassau groupers 1 November through 31 March;
  • No fish pots or spear fishing within one-mile radius of Designated Grouper Spawning Area from 1 November through 31 March.
  • No SCUBA diving.
  • No taking of any marine life, alive or dead with no exceptions;
  • No in-water activities;
  • Public may access only at speeds of 5 m.p.h. or less;
  • No anchoring of any boat.
NOTE: Line fishing, fish traps, nets, spear guns and strikers are totally prohibited.
  • No taking of conch or lobster by any means;
  • Line fishing and anchoring permitted;
  • Anchor, chain or line must not touch coral;
  • Spear guns, pole spears, fish traps and nets prohibited, except that fry and sprat may be taken with a fry or cast net.
NOTE: These zones include the outside edge of the reef to a depth of 20
  • No taking any marine life by any means;
  • No selling of fish from boats;
  • No removing of any marine life from the water;
  • No anchoring in water shallower than three feet or so that the anchor or boat is within 20 ft of any reef structure;
  • No feeding any marine life with food of any kind or amount other than that approved by the Marine Conservation Board;
  • Fish feeding is prohibited anywhere in Cayman waters outside of a designated WIZ unless licensed by the Marine Conservation Board;
  • No wearing any footwear in water shallower than four feet;
  • Special conditions apply to commercial boats who must have a licence issued by the Marine Conservation Board and clearly displayed on the boat to enter this area.
  • No hunting;
  • No collecting of any species;
  • No littering.
  • No SCUBA diving within this zone unless licenced to do so by the Marine Conservation Board.
  • Public moorings are located around each of the islands to reduce anchor damage to coral. It is an offence to anchor so as to damage coral ANYWHERE in Cayman waters. These 18 and 30 inch white buoys may be identified by their blue stripe and yellow pick-up line and may be used free of charge. The smaller buoys are designed to hold vessels up to 60 feet long and the larger buoys are for vessels up to 100 feet. Public moorings should not be used when wind speeds reach or exceed 25 knots. Please limit your use of the mooring to 3 hours or less. It is the responsibility of the boat operator to ensure that the mooring is in safe condition – do not leave the boat unattended while on the mooring.
Damaged moorings may be reported to the Department of Environment on 949-8469 or email